Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Go-Go Juice Spritzer by Jeff

Belated Summer Solstice wishes and a first ever guest post by Jeff! Jeff is my best friend and lives across the hall from me where he makes art, bread, and delicious cocktails. Click the link above to see his art. Here is his recipe for a yummy and refreshing drink:

-Place frozen strawberries in glass as ice cubes

-Add one-half bottle of ice cold ginger apple cider

-one (or two) shot(s) of ice cold gin

-Add club soda to taste

-With fresh mint, rub the rim of the glass and garnish

Switching it up is encouraged,  other types of frozen fruits, different flavors of cider,  or any light colored/clear liquor will make this refreshing drink your own. If you like your drinks a bit sweeter I suggest adding a brown sugar rim.

Photos by me, sipping by both of us.