Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pizza Pie

I do love this kitchen. The oven is built into the wall at waist length to minimize bending at the middle, and to maximize heat efficiency throughout the place at the onset of spring when it is still windy and cold at mid-day.

I was delighted when I walked to my room and saw a lone letter propped between the hinge and door, from a long-lost friend far away living like a mile from the Magic Kingdom. I miss Florida sometimes; I miss the humid mornings when blow drying your hair is enough to make you sweat. And I miss the fear of mosquito summers, wearing flip flops at midnight, and not needing to know how to parallel park. Conversely, I love California spring time with cherry blossoms dancing next the Canada geese dancing next to Children's Fairyland: a rainbow bright sign seen from the strip that takes me home each night. I love the cool breeze that carries my nag champa to the ends of the earth and across the Bay. And I am still a terrible parallel parker.

After a long and winding Tuesday the only cure for a sleepy mind is a pizza and a glass of pinot. I used this recipe from Veganize it! for the crust, and topped my pie with a little jarred sauce, crimini mushrooms, diced spring onions, and a salad mix with arugula and daffodil greens. The crust was delicious until it cooled: I may or may not have chipped a tooth on the crunch.

This weekend I saw Amy Goodman speak at the San Francisco Green Festival about the plight of our media, propaganda, Free Bradley Manning!, Let Our People Go!, The Horrors of War!, etc.

I'm so grateful tonight.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pillow Patch

Fixin' up the old place by making a pillow patch. I scored a very large bag of fabric samples free from a criaglist posting, once used by an interior designer. They are all good quality, thick fabrics cut into 4 inch squares, or fat-quarters, or 1 inch squares, begging to be quilted! I've made a few so far, and probably need to buy another huge bag of polyfill. Or begin collecting Rosie's molting feathers to stuff one with.
I set out my records, hung my calendar, and my new roommates gave me a table so now I have a desk / sewing table and am feeling so inspired to create things!
I'm also thinking of composting on my roof because
Oakland does not pick up compost and on the roof has a large communal area. Watched the sun set beside a friend on that roof, enjoyed a hearty breeze, and carved a spot for myself - not bad for hump day.
The Japantown cherry blossom festival is this weekend, and I can't wait to have a beer under a tree a la E.S.Collier, and maybe see some more sunsets.
This website by google offering impossible vision of famous art pieces is infinitely interesting, check it out. (Thanks, Cody).

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lake Merritt

Well, it's official. I moved out. I am on my own, just me and Rosie. I've been having a fabulous sun-shiney kind of day. Last night at the downtown Oakland first Friday event my tarot cards read well, I drew the Sun card first. And I drew the 4 of cups. Flowing water, life is changing, life is a giant lake and on the side of the Lake every Saturday there is a wonderful farmer's market.