Sunday, September 25, 2011

Old Photos

After a visit from a friend that I haven't seen in a year, I am feeling particularly nostalgic. I was looking through my trove of photos from over the past 10 (holy shit!) years and wanted to share a few of myself, in a fit of egotistical reflection. Why did I wear so much makeup? Did I really drink that much High Life? What are my best friends doing right now? These are all from high school.

Other things to share: This My Morning Jacket song is getting my through my morning, living life without Facebook and having to explain to my friends why I won't be friends with them online, just send me your physical address already, my in-box is overwhelmingly full (inbox being an envelope taped to the wall), my bird is overwhelmingly adorable and spent the morning preening my hair then playing hide and seek with me as I overcame the hangover of 8am trips to the airport.

I can't complain.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cupcake Table

This here little table was painted in primary colors, showcasing the alphabet and big golden cartoon stars. After distributing star stickers, practicing Aa Bb Cc Dd all the way through Qq, endless praising and ice cream all day, the last thing I want is to come home to the same decor that peppers my day. Ok, so I painted this table to look like a cupcake.
The mysteries of our free box are endless and wonderful. I found this matboard and gave it a makeover, I'm thinking of hanging fabric inside of it.

Other projects include a floral pin cushion, a quilt for my former roommates' (when I lived on the Lake) baby girl, finishing the patchwork curtain in the bathroom, and of course more postcards.

Friday is the Equinox!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Baby Blanket

I have made three quilts for my nieces and nephews, one tapestry for myself (previously bragged about on this here blog), and now am making another for a friend's impending babe. I got all of the fabric and batting from the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse, which after volunteer discount and other friendly discounts from awesome employees cost me next to nothing (or maybe 3$ at the most). I haven't purchased backing for it yet because I hate measuring but will post a finished photo in a few weeks. Watch me keep my own deadline! I intend to line the hem with silk ribbon and try my hand at embellished stitching.

I think the little hand-stitched flannel cowboy appliques are damn adorable.

aaaand more postcards, this time in matching colors!
I am also trading a few for a friend who does glass blowing, in exchange for an implosion marble!

This is a weird skyline that is supposed to be Oakland but also with the Transamerica building in it, no idea. Observe: Lake Merritt, cherry blossoms, Canada geese!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Perpetual Postcards

It's strange, just as summer is giving way to a warm fall and the trees are giving all they got for the last of the cool perpetual spring, students are beginning a new semester and my own energy is equally concentrated. I got a new classroom with windows, a new bedroom with windows, ran north along a forest shore across a river flowing into the sea, what a beautiful season.

Current projects include a cowboy quilt for my roommates' bun in the oven, more postcards and the participation in Postcrossing so I can send strangers my postcards instead of inundating my friends with them, corresponding as a hobby, sending painted packages with arugula seed and other goodies to far away distant foreign lands such as Iowa... and... Florida Otherwise I am living a life of debaucherous snail keeping and peach munching.

I've added a few photos to my flickr of Cape Perpetua on the Oregon Coast, peep them here. I learned about a cool project while on this field trip, about mapping the ocean floor into a Google interface, which you can peep a preliminary attempt at here.