Friday, June 27, 2008

Rain Soaked Swim

This week has gone by quickly, I've been working every day with the exception of today which I used to recuperate from Kristen's party last night. I fell asleep for the majority of the ride home from Tampa with a coffee cup in my hands; doesn't do much good without drinking it.
Kiki and I spent the afternoon together on Wednesday and we went swimming in my pool.
 The first day that we had the spa, I fell in it with all of my clothes on, while balancing along the edge and a picture exists somewhere of me on that day with wet hair and a clean dress. The caption of the back reads "Katie fell in the spa, she has no panties on".

I found an old salad dryer/spinner at Salvation Army as well as a good pair of 10g plastic knitting needles, a pretty blue tin with sunflowers all over it, a Corningware casserole dish, and some purple heels with snakeskin embelishments on the sides. That sounds like a disaster but they're great and they were half off.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eggs and Blues

For breakfast I made my mom and I scrambled eggs. Taking a cue from Breakfast Club (the restaurant, not the movie), I made them with cream cheese and green onions, which turned out delicious. Putting the cream cheese in at the last second worked better for me than putting it in when the eggs are still runny, because I like getting the globs of cream cheese in some bites.

Around 7 Alex and I went to a venue in Hudson to see my dad and his band play. They did well and I think everyone who went had a good time.

Tomorrow I want to make sugared water chestnuts.