Saturday, February 16, 2013

Infant Garden

Spring planting day 1! Seeds in new soil, worms in new compost, sprouts in newly weeded beds, this year is going to be even better than the last! Today roommate Gerardo and I planted chamomile, dill, holy basil, eggplant, chard transplants, Yucca transplants, Malibar Chestnut transplant, cockscomb, and kale.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Future Things!

I'm so excited! I've already got cucumbers hardening, beans transplanted into containers with trellises, and chard still hanging out in the nursery, AND the following on its way from Southern Exposure. 

Ordered: 1   Shipped: 1   01160  Flax, Scarlet      $2.50

Ordered: 1   Shipped: 1   71263  Dill, Dukat      $1.99

Ordered: 1   Shipped: 1   71212  Chamomile, German      $1.99

Ordered: 1   Shipped: 1   25101  Vates      $2.35

Ordered: 1   Shipped: 1   45401  Listada De Gandia      $2.35

Ordered: 1   Shipped: 1   01156  Celosia, Cockscomb Mix      $2.35

Ordered: 1   Shipped: 1   05314  Short Stuff      $2.75

Ordered: 1   Shipped: 1   01171  Phoenician Mullein (Nettle Leafed Mullein)      $2.50

Ordered: 1   Shipped: 1   71104  Basil, Holy      $2.25

Ordered: 1   Shipped: 1   46140  Purple Beauty      $2.50

Ordered: 1   Shipped: 0   01118  Evening Scented Primrose, Tina James' Magic   BO 2/15/13   $3.85

And here is a photo of how sunny my life is, just for the hell of it. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Crazy Quilt!

Thank you house for scrap fabric and lacey sewing circles! It takes me forever to finally complete a quilt because I so much dislike lining up backing and completing the edging. I started this project with roommate Renzo back in October. After a few false starts, broken strings, broken thread, broken needles, new needles, broken needle, torn thread (maybe my tension is askew, or maybe I need to oil her up?) the house quilt is finished and ready to be loved, spilled on, sat on, farted on, skritch-scratched and flea-bagged on, and all other good things. 

dozens of strange creature appliques

Here are a few awesome websites I have been staring at lately:

Sky-survey to see stars and nebulas close up and at a distance

Templete generator to create project boxes!