Monday, February 21, 2011


Well, I added the remainder of all my fabric onto the small quilt that I posted a photo of earlier. It is now wide enough to cover both East facing windows, which unfortunately were exposed for a while, and fortunately are right above our bed which rests on the ground. I only brought a little bit of fabric with me here to Berkeley, and only because I had a stash of pre-cut, ready to sew together, squares when I was ambitious and completed only the first part of making a quilt for myself. 

Recently I visited a vintage and antiques fair in south Oakland at Jack London Square and scored a lot of fabric at a very reasonable price and will be making some pot holders and other gadgets out of it, I will post them when I am done! 

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Lauren said...

Would you make me some kitchen things like potholders and trivets? Black, white and red are my future kitchen colors.