Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pillow Patch

Fixin' up the old place by making a pillow patch. I scored a very large bag of fabric samples free from a criaglist posting, once used by an interior designer. They are all good quality, thick fabrics cut into 4 inch squares, or fat-quarters, or 1 inch squares, begging to be quilted! I've made a few so far, and probably need to buy another huge bag of polyfill. Or begin collecting Rosie's molting feathers to stuff one with.
I set out my records, hung my calendar, and my new roommates gave me a table so now I have a desk / sewing table and am feeling so inspired to create things!
I'm also thinking of composting on my roof because
Oakland does not pick up compost and on the roof has a large communal area. Watched the sun set beside a friend on that roof, enjoyed a hearty breeze, and carved a spot for myself - not bad for hump day.
The Japantown cherry blossom festival is this weekend, and I can't wait to have a beer under a tree a la E.S.Collier, and maybe see some more sunsets.
This website by google offering impossible vision of famous art pieces is infinitely interesting, check it out. (Thanks, Cody).

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