Monday, June 27, 2011

Patty Pan

Hey ya'll happy Monday, marauderin through my day after baking six-dozen unhealthy and gritty (yet fluffy and delicious) sugar/butter cookies for my students at the request of one of my bosses, I am proud to come home and chop up some real food. Patty pan squash roasted with golden beets, elephant ear garlic, beet greens, lettuce, and spinach. Rosie and I are waiting outside for our nutritious friends in the oven to come to a tender finish and the Pacific wind is cooling our little bones to a downright chill.

Meanwhile, check out this new music from SBTRKT that I got in my inbox the other morning.

The neighbors to my job in Temescal left two pretty cool looking moss plants outside in pretty ceramic plants which directly coincides with my voiced concern over the lack of green things growing in my room. I have a rescued orchid from work that keeps getting white film on the leaves, I have tried just wiping them off but will now resort to rubbing alcohol - not really feeling replanting especially since I have never cared for an orchid before and don't want to disturb its fragile root system - this flower is way too high maintenance for me.

Wanted to share another blog with you: a friend, Jeri, who I met as she trained me for my Administrative job. She is the Bug Lady and bubbling with buggy information and other cool content over on her page. Speaking of lesser beings, I read in my gastropod book that there are 284 species of snails in California, not including an additional 110 subspecies - aaaaaand how to savor these mollusk marms in a tasty meal. Anyone down for a dinner party?

This is my Sedum rubrotinctum and my arugula flowering.

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