Tuesday, June 19, 2012


In a truly-summer thematic effort, here are only pictures of orange things from the garden. It is harvest season, and while we are not producing as much as I hoped, I have learned a lot from experimenting with lunar planting, building beds, etc.

The nasturtium has volunteered itself back in a big way, this being the third flower harvest, and all through spring I have been mixing the clover-like leaves into stir fries that can hold up to the bitterness of the greens.

Recipe for Nasturtium Pesto:

In a food processor, mix:

clean, de-stemmed nasturtium flowers (2 C ideally)
1/2 C sauteed garlic
1/2 C olive oil

I love when volunteers appear - little orange flower unfurling from mysterious spotted leaves. More pictures of the garden and other summer happenings on my flickr, here

Happy Summer Solstice! In pagan tradition, a community would make a huge bon fire, testing their leaping skills by crossing the center. Couples would hold hands and leaping across the fire without letting go is a sign of longevity for their relationship. Single women wear floral garlands in their hair and traipse into the woods in search of the elusive flowered fern (biologically unproven to exist). 


beclouded said...

Love seeing all of these beautiful orange colors, adding fresh basil to the pesto could add an interesting balance to the spicy nasturtium flowers!
Next time we find ourselves in front of a bond fire let's take that leap of friendship!

BuzzKillKatie said...

I did add some nasturtium to primarily basil pesto and it gave it a really nice darker green color, and a little bit more bite.