Monday, January 14, 2013

Hasty Shout

Oh blog world how badly I have been ignoring your blinky cursor! Here are a few photos from 2012 that seemingly summarize my year. Something always is missing. Photographic documentation of smiles, bike rides, flower tricking and picking, and the ever present police sirens in the distance is a no-can-do but here I give it a go. 

House is still a house,

drilling serious gardening vessels,

A new leg friend,

Devo has a birthday and looks fly, 

visit Kathryn in Boulder,

Gardening vessels produce! 

Mom and Dad fly to Cali, wine tasting, beach, love,

Noah my baby friend living here for 4 months (parents included),

Zach Ran Wim visits Oakland and the San Francisco Conservatory,

Jane comes to Oakland and never wants to leave,

San Diego sunsets,

wine honeymoon with Lauren and Chicken,

Ending the year right with Treasure Island sunsets and all of my best friends.


1 comment:

shell said...

Aw, nice! I should make a trip to Oakland soon. And yay, Kathryn! :)