Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Potatoes! Craft Stacks!

Happy week-off-of-school! Also, Happy week to get all the stuff done I've been putting off and hoarding in a "to-sew" basket under my couch. With all my spare time, I hope to plow through this pile and come out with three knit things - I'm circle knitting for the first time, also known as knitting-in-the-round, which sounds like a dance. It is incredibly easy to do and sew similar (pun intended) to straight knitting that I'm ashamed I have not done it until now. Hopefully this little circle of maroon will be a cute hat for my mom. Also in my pile: a mound of clothes with slight rips, tears, or missing buttons that need some love, fabric to make a couple handkerchiefs as holiday gifts, and little felt pads to become the bottom of a hot pad (for setting hot plates on a table). 

My other to-do pile: finish all these books!! I am, as I may have mentioned before, addicted to the library and cannot help but check out three or four books everytime I go in. I showed T the fiction section of the main library. He sighed, "ah, the stacks." Just yesterday I returned two graphic novels written by Charles Burns, and this morning finished another by Jeff Nicholson

And one final image: little tots from the dirt! What a pleasant surprise I had when I began digging through what I thought was an empty container, to find these lil guys growing underneath! And of course they were delicious roasted with just a little salt and pepper. 

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