Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer List

This will serve as a reference for the things I would like to accomplish this summer, and for ever I guess because one summer seems like a pitiful amount of time

* paint and set up recycling bins in my garage, including cleaning out the garage of all the clutter
* decoupage my dresser with this new wrapping paper I bought
* make a set of lady-bug bibs for my cousin
* make a number of grocery tote bags and distribute them to my friends and family (any takers?)
*knit a few scarves from yarn that I bought on sale for about 2 bucks a skein at Michael's (look up free online patterns here)
*organize all of my craft supplies into a large clean bin that is currently half empty
*sew and repair a variety of items in my closet that need some TLC
*send a collection of shoes away to Shoes for Souls
*finish photo projects that I have been wanting to do / complete
*turn my fabric remnants into useful things
*properly frame all of my pictures on my wall (some are crudely stapled in, my aura is totally suffering!) just kidding.
*visit Baltimore for a week if possible
*pay off one of my credit cards
*make all of the recipes that I have found but have been too hesitant to try (avocado ice cream, fresh cheese, something carbonara)
*finish outer-space themed mobile that has been on my desk for months
*read at least 15 books off of my shelf
*plant and grow tomatoes and blueberries
*go blueberry picking until my own grow 
*other sewing projects: place mats with knit trim, felt stars, long hair scarves - possibly patchwork, more quilts with the remaining batting I have, huge throw pillows for my bed, use this model to make little girls' dresses,

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