Monday, May 23, 2011


My first arugula harvest of spring! Every day that I can eat food that has just been pulled from the ground is a good one. I will work on expanding my opportunities for that.
Got a leek going in a little pot, some gladiolas from Salina, the bulb of which I'm sure I can eat once the flowers brown.

I remember plucking scorched tops off of kale a few times, eating chard in the middle of West Tampa, thankful

for the sun and dirt tanning my finger tips.
Summer in Oakland is inspiring me to create, teach, and get around where I got to. I'm moving out to another new home in a week and I couldn't be happier. Finally, a home where I can leave my door open and greet housemates and share meals.
I went to Portland this past weekend and had the most drizzly wonderful time with friends. The weather really does set your mood, doesn't it? Everyone in that sleepy Sunday town is laid-back. Even the community center boasts "friendly" streets and courteous pan-handlers. Well, shit, I could just move to the sidewalk if it weren't for that pesky sit-lie law.
This rock garden rivals mine: rocks from the end of the earth, from the center of it, from deep in potato-rich soil, or on the top of an Atlantic cliff, or way at the bottom of Jackson Lake and polished to sit on a dresser. I always like a town that has an entourage of jewelry makers at the Sunday market.

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