Sunday, September 25, 2011

Old Photos

After a visit from a friend that I haven't seen in a year, I am feeling particularly nostalgic. I was looking through my trove of photos from over the past 10 (holy shit!) years and wanted to share a few of myself, in a fit of egotistical reflection. Why did I wear so much makeup? Did I really drink that much High Life? What are my best friends doing right now? These are all from high school.

Other things to share: This My Morning Jacket song is getting my through my morning, living life without Facebook and having to explain to my friends why I won't be friends with them online, just send me your physical address already, my in-box is overwhelmingly full (inbox being an envelope taped to the wall), my bird is overwhelmingly adorable and spent the morning preening my hair then playing hide and seek with me as I overcame the hangover of 8am trips to the airport.

I can't complain.


salina said...

Thinking about you drinking a high life in a party polo makes me want to cry. You were the best Republican I've ever known. That eyeliner was so perfectly you for so long, no regret$. We had chubby faces, what happened there? We look so different. We've been friends for a million years(Actually like almost 6-7?).

BuzzKillKatie said...

Bean, your memory is that of twelve elephants. We have been friends for seven years.