Saturday, September 3, 2011

Perpetual Postcards

It's strange, just as summer is giving way to a warm fall and the trees are giving all they got for the last of the cool perpetual spring, students are beginning a new semester and my own energy is equally concentrated. I got a new classroom with windows, a new bedroom with windows, ran north along a forest shore across a river flowing into the sea, what a beautiful season.

Current projects include a cowboy quilt for my roommates' bun in the oven, more postcards and the participation in Postcrossing so I can send strangers my postcards instead of inundating my friends with them, corresponding as a hobby, sending painted packages with arugula seed and other goodies to far away distant foreign lands such as Iowa... and... Florida Otherwise I am living a life of debaucherous snail keeping and peach munching.

I've added a few photos to my flickr of Cape Perpetua on the Oregon Coast, peep them here. I learned about a cool project while on this field trip, about mapping the ocean floor into a Google interface, which you can peep a preliminary attempt at here.

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lp said...

i want a postcard! what is your email so i can exchange addresses