Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fiber Fun

Hi, friends, I finally finished this multi-toned scarf for my brother-in-law. Got this yarn for nearly free from the Depot. Hopefully the USPS doesn't collapse into the abyss of holiday mailings and potential anthrax scares. I was reading this morning Mother Jones article on the timeline of beginning the Iraq War. In reflection of this past year, on this winter solstice, I am amazed at how time scurries away from us. Ten years has passed by in a few winks, and 2011 is a hyperventilated exhale. Bring on la fin du monde, 2012.

The Rainbow party was rip-roarin and fun, and my friend Jorge who works at Revere Glass made me this awesome glass pendant as a birthday gift. I made a knit necklace to hold it.

It feels good to exchange joyful greetings in the form of knit love and also glittery postcards - here are a few that I made last week. Most are getting sent out at thank you cards.

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