Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Full Moon

Two days until the full moon and Mercury Retrograde is ending the year with an obvious and resounding sigh, thinking about how I've almost been in the Bay Area for a year makes my head spin. Made a delicious dinner of penne, pesto, arugula, black pepper, and raw tomatoes followed by a Morpho Herbal Ale.

More photos from my trip to Florida (above) uploaded on my flickr here.

Ben's Nat Geo photo contest photo here, which you should vote for.

My friend Katie's yoga blog comin at ya from Asheville, North Carolina you should read here.

Have you seen Green Porno?

Went to LA for my birthday and a stranger at a Hermosa Beach vintage store gave me a Wild Heart vinyl for free.

Having an excellent evening and considering stringing Christmas lights in preparation for the upcoming Rainbow party here at the Happiness Hotel.

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