Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cold on the horizon

Palms + pines,
kudzu cover. 
Swamp thing in a fire.

It is knitting season already! This maroon (darker than photographed) piece will become a cowl neck after I had a thick stripe of mottled white and another row of purl/knit alternating. 

Housemate and photographer, Ben, took this today at the 5th Ave. Marina teahouse, a special place made of post-commercial waste and raw materials, nailed together around a smoldering concrete slab. This is one of my favorite places in Oakland because it feels like the end of the world. There is a shack on the water shadowing a hut made entirely of turn-of-the-century pianos and piano guts like the one that rests in our foyer. 

You can boil water, drink some tea, and watch the boats sway as the sun goes down. 

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