Friday, February 1, 2013

Crazy Quilt!

Thank you house for scrap fabric and lacey sewing circles! It takes me forever to finally complete a quilt because I so much dislike lining up backing and completing the edging. I started this project with roommate Renzo back in October. After a few false starts, broken strings, broken thread, broken needles, new needles, broken needle, torn thread (maybe my tension is askew, or maybe I need to oil her up?) the house quilt is finished and ready to be loved, spilled on, sat on, farted on, skritch-scratched and flea-bagged on, and all other good things. 

dozens of strange creature appliques

Here are a few awesome websites I have been staring at lately:

Sky-survey to see stars and nebulas close up and at a distance

Templete generator to create project boxes! 

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