Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Garden Update

We had such a weird and late winter this year, but somehow the spotty rain and sun last month, plus newly harvested compost, plus some attention made the garden explode! This is definitely the most production spring yield I have had at the HH. 


Avocado, self sprouted in the compost. It looks a little sad here because it was newly transplanted, but doing much better now. And a grape vine 7ft high with an overcast Oakland sky background. 

Large bed, tree collard, kale, nasturtium, lettuce, green onion, broccoli

Green amaranth

Sunflower sprouts! 

Rainbow bed, etc (clockwise from lower left pot): strawberry, pole bean, green onion, bush beans, kale, lettuce, potato, arugula, amaryllis, jasmine, ??, ??, onion

Amaryllis....almost there.....! And bean flower buds.

Arugula flowers

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