Monday, May 26, 2014

Saquaro Project

Earlier this month I attended a field trip to the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley, CA. Aside from driving up there in 2011 to take in the spectacular view of the entire East Bay west of the hills, I had never been. I couldn't resist buying my cousins science-related gifts....and one for myself: this Saquaro Cactus which sits in a stand, and absorbs terraforming solution from the bottom up. Within 30 minutes crystals were growing on this puppy, and the last photo shows what it looked like about 2 hours later. Amazing!! 

My information brochure tells me that the Saquaro Cacti, the tallest cactus in the world, grow in the Sonoran desert reaching 75 feet within 150 years. To scale, this makes my room about 1/18th of the Sonoran desert and just about as hot today. 

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