Monday, January 9, 2012

Planting Calendar: January, February

This is the planting calendar I concocted using a myriad of resources and a bit of divine intuition and I want to share it because growing shit is awesome and important. I used the Farmer's Almanac to determine patterns in moon phases, this lunar calendar, and another planting guide. I'm still working on planning the rest of the year, but it will initially all be an experiment with sprouting.


Cabbage Jan 8
Peas Jan 8
Radish Jan 14-16
Carrots Jan 17-18
Chard Jan 17-18
Collards Jan 17-18
Kale Jan 17-18
Lettuce Jan 17-18
Peas Jan 25-27
Peppers Jan 25-27


Chard Feb 6
Chives Feb 6
Spinach Feb 6
Beets Feb 9
Brocolli Feb 13
Celery Feb 13
Leek Feb 13

General Tendencies:

  • Full Moon good for above ground crops - day before full moon
  • Waning moon barren days
  • Last day of waning moon good for roots
  • 6 days after full moon excellent planting, transplanting,
  • 10 days after full moon bad planting
  • New moon good for root crops

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